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Residential Equipment Repairs and Replacements

Rick's Pool Service is uniquely qualified to evaluate the overall performance of the pool's pump, filtration, and circulation systems. We hold certification in hydraulic design and requirements, assuring that your equipment repairs and upgrades are at the top of efficiency and at the lowest cost to you. We will recommend the best equipment to suit each pools specific needs. RPS is a factory warranty center for all equipment we install, with the exception of heat pumps.

"What makes us different is how we evaluate the system. We will go over every possible option for each customer, to make sure you enjoy your pool for as long as you are at your home. We want the pool to work for you and save you money, so you can enjoy it." - Rick Howard, Owner

If you would like any information on equipment repairs or replacements RPS can do for you, please contact our office to set up an upgrade consultation. Click here to see all of our contact information.

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